Leaf Sugar

100% Natural. Zero Calorie Sweetener


LeafSugar is a stevia sweetener with zero calories, zero carbs, non-glycemic response and NO artificial ingredients. That’s why it is the most popular stevia brand in the natural food marketplace in India.

Stevia is perhaps the only sweetener that is not just “not harmful,” but has actual health benefits. It has no calories, is 100% natural, and if you choose the the right one then it also tastes like a million bucks.

Stevia leaf extract is the only global, commercially available, naturally sourced, zero-calorie sweetener that can be used by the whole family. Stevia does not fit in either of the current sweetener models because stevia is neither like sugar – as it has zero calories – nor an artificial sweetener, as it is a naturally sourced plant extract.

LeafSugar Stevia

Total Diet Approach

When it comes to good nutrition, it’s the total diet –the overall quality and quantity of the foods and beverages you eat and drink throughout the day – that matter most. It’s not about good foods and bad foods. Rather, it’s about balancing your diet to prioritize healthier foods, while still leaving room for the occasional treat.

Weight Management

People who love the taste of stevia-containing foods and beverages often wonder about how much stevia is okay to consume. It turns out the regulatory authorities have already taken this into account and developed something known as the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) for stevia.

The ADI for stevia is set more specifically for steviol glycosides, the sweet components extracted from stevia leaf, and is expressed as the steviol equivalents of 4 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. The reason for the concept of “steviol equivalents” is because the different glycosides are unique in their structure and have to balanced out to one overall metabolic equation.