From Farm to Kitchen

Our mission …

Our mission is to humanize food systems by developing local markets for farmer and artisan products. From the grocery aisles to the industrial farms that fill them, the business of food is on the brink of soullessness—dehumanized by the reduction of our food that erodes the relationship between the consumers and farmers, as well as the farmers and the earth.

An initiative to connect local organic farmers with consumers in the city, The Farmers Market is a place to visit if you are looking for certified organic vegetables and fruits. All the vegetables and fruits at The Farmers Market are grown without the use of harmful chemicals an pesticides.

The current concept of a farmers’ market is similar to past concepts, but different in relation to other forms – as aspects of consumer retailing, overall, continue to shift over time. Similar forms existed before the Industrial age but, were often part of broader markets, where suppliers of food and other goods gathered to retail their wares.

At The Farmers Market, we work with a network of certified organic farmers and farms to deliver fresh and seasonal produce. Our Organic Agriculture Farms are based on organic philosophy and practice organic farming for the promotion and development of organic food. The entire product development process, right from growing to processing to labeling is certified by an internationally accredited certifying agencies. Special impetus is placed on ensuring Purity and Quality.

You are welcome to visit the organic farms from where we are getting the organic vegetables and fruits in the market. You can register your name at Farm2Kitchen counter if you are interested in visiting the organic farms in your surrounding areas. We will take you there to see how organic farming is done and you can enjoy a field trip with your kids and friends at the organic farms.